Monday, June 14, 2010

SD OO Raiser

Hurray!!! Bought this SD OO Raiser Gundam yesterday!!!!!!OMG it sux at first, but after me doing some detailing it's much better!!!!!!!yehhhh!!

This is the boxart :



Part 1

i started off with the head.

used Gundam Marker GM 86 to paint the sides to give it a more redder effect

see what i mean?

Completed the head. The stickers are not bad, really.

See the Side of the head is AWESOME!!!!!!!
It looks better in real, yet in photo it's already so nice.

Part 2

The body is a easy one.

But the inner part i did not dare to use spray paint to spray as i was afraid of spoiling it.
And further more i don't have a grey Gundam Marker, so i decided to use gold for it, it's not that bad.
If you don't see the top part it looks like a head itself.

Rear view : i thought the booster should be yellow.  looks cooler
This is what we've got now

Part 3
Awww, the waist is the easiest one. Not boasting, but its really simple. Only panel lining is needed =)

You see what i mean?
The black part is movable, so the legs can move without turning the whole body.

Part 4

The leg is the 2nd hardest part, other than the head.

THIS PART!!! GOD DAMN!!!!! i know it's bad, cant blame me this is my first SD.


Let's see what we've got now

lol i think it's quite nice

Part 5
Arms and GN Drive

Completed the GN Drive. It rox XD

The blades. Compare the difference! i don't have white paint, so i decided to use silver, anyway it looks metallic right?

Put on the gundam with the shoulders

AH ha!! the green circle thingy look beta on the arm, i learnt my lesson from the legs

Completed the OO Gundam!!!
Will post the O Raiser on my next post.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PG Strike Gundam & Skygrasper+Ailer Striker(PG)

Besides Gundam 00 and Astray, i think Seed has a lot of good and hot gundams.
One of which that i like the most is Ailer Strike Gundam.

This is my Strike posting 1 :

Strike Gundam (PG)


The information on the movement and weapon basis.
Now, Some action!!

Images from DarknessOfOurBride.

A comparison of size between the MG and PG Strike.
The PG is about 12 inches tall, c. 30cm.

Anyway, Found this AWESOME PG Strike at Emcreations 
It's bloody, super COOL!!Enjoy the pics below =D

HOLY SHIT DUDE!!! OMG!!!! this is so awesome!! =D

Rear View

See the blue frame? Oh..My...God.......

The Skygrasper. Very finely detailed. Red and Gold now.

T he weapons and the back of the shield.  looks metallic. 

The Aile Strike Gundam!!!!!
I think this guy is awesome genius. hahahahaha
I hope to get a Strike Gundam (PG) real soon. i alrdy hav MG aile strike and sword+launcher strike.

Gundam Astray Red Frame (PG)

The PG Gundam Astray Red Frame
Boxart :

It is really a beauty~ Look at the legs~So sleek and well shaped.
Heed my advice. If you wan to buy an Astray, only buy PG. Don't buy MG or HG or any G!!!!!

Rear View. It ROCKS!!!


Sword Holder and the inner parts.
Sad thing is that the PG Astray Red Frame don't have the backpack....T.T

Avalanche Exia

Avalanche Exia Dash (HG)

GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia (1/100)

Friday, June 11, 2010

XN Raiser

I came to XN Raiser recently. It's hot and sexy boxart already attracted my attention.

Cool isn't it? Got from Zeonic Republic.

XN OO Raiser
XN O Raiser
XN OO Raiser with sword. One word : AWESOME!!
Above 3 from Gundam Guy.
Below are from Zeonic Republic.

XN OO Raiser
XN Arios

XN Cherudim

XN Seravee.
Awesome?? Go buy one!! LOL i can't even find them...T.T